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Psychological Consultation

available in person and online

We often hear the question: ”What kind of advice does a psychologist give?”. The answer is simple… No advice. Psychologists and consultants are never supposed to give answers.
Instead they provide us with targeted questions, new perspectives and act as guides to roads less traveled. They are there for us along that road and help us share the view and explore. Finally, they interpret all of the new sights that we can now see for ourselves.

In the beautiful, yet frightening unpredictability of life, there comes a point in everybody’s life, where certain situations force us to give up our usual perspectives and thoughts that we are so accustomed to. These are the times when genuine beliefs are challenged. Life waits no more, but makes us move out of our comfort zone. However, no matter how long or painful the current situation has been, change is always difficult.
In times like these, most often, the only way out is through someone else’s eyes.

At “the therapy”, we aim to think outside of the box, but still remain inside this wonderful system, where everything is connected to everything else. We strive to reach a true balance of body, mind and spirit by integrating different perspectives and methods. We believe that there is no such thing as a single cause to blame, but rather, there is a systems approach, where various factors are needed to combine and produce something that is called: a human personality and a human life.

Our primary goals are to help improve our clients’ self-knowledge, cope with grief and loss, positively deal with conflicts and support decision making. We do this with a maximum of privacy and if needed, are able to provide additional resources and experts of other fields to serve everybody’s needs.

A consultation session is 50-minute-long and costs 18.000 HUF.

Psychological Consultation: Our Services
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