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Personalized Massage Sessions

We do believe in the unity of body, mind, soul and spirit. 

If we give proper focus to all of them, true balance will follow.

Experience shows that during massage sessions the touches, the rhythm of the movements also refresh the mind, while the applied herbs and oils are cleansing the body.

The combination of ayurvedic and trigger point massages, joint manipulation therapy and kinesiology taping are used during the massages - suited for individual needs.

During the ayurvedic massage sessions a mixture of herbal, sesame and essential oils is applied. The oils are heated in order to help the body and its tissues and muscles relax. Music also has many positive relaxing effects, that is why some very soft tunes are played during the sessions. This type of massage helps to release the toxic materials of the body, as the oil is massaged into the tissues very deeply through the special movements and the lymphatic system is stimulated to initiate the cleansing process.

In order to help stress relief, the special trigger point technique is used on the hips, back and neck area. Through an intense pressure of trigger points the stiffness and stress stored in the mentioned areas can be released. 

The joint manipulation is similar to stretching and to some extent, to different yoga asanas, as well. It is recommended in case the movement of a joint is restricted for some reason, or if it is difficult to stretch alone the body in general.

In order to support the recovery process or handle any kind of pain in the arms, back, waist, feet or in any joints, kinesiology taping can help further. 

It is a very effective tool used by professional sportsmen.

Prices are the following:

Ayurvedic massage:  8000 HUF/60 mins  - back part of the body & head, 12 000 HUF/90 mins - whole body

Joint manipulation: 12 000 HUF/90 mins

Complex treatment: 16 000 HUF/120 mins

Massage Sessions: Our Services
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